Based in Lefkas since 2001 and in Lefkas Marina since 2002 we provide full shipyard services and are proud to say that so far we do not have a single disapointed friend/client. We do not claim we can do everything – which usually ends up in a mess as most yachtmen – instead we make clear that our team can provide it’s own :

– Full yacht maintenance services , leave your yacht with us , tell us what you want to be done and when you want her ready and forget about it. Only thing to worry about for is to book your return tickets and you will find your yacht ready to sail.

– Fully equipped engineer team with great knowledge on marine engines

– Fully equipped electrics team

We have friends/clients who planned to stay for 1 season in the area and have got stuck here just because as they say – it’s the only place .

We fully respect the limited time most yacht owners have for their holidays so we make sure that upon arrival their only consern should be to turn ignition on and all the rest has been checked by our team .

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